For those of you who don’t know what to do with your skincare and makeup but want to explore, this is the perfect article for you! I will share time-tested, easy-to-follow skincare and makeup steps that will transform your beauty routine.

Part I: Skincare

Arguably the most important part of your beauty routine. Here are the 5 most important steps to take care of your skin (in the AM).

  1. Apply cleanser.
  2. Apply toner.
  3. Apply serum (under your eyes).
  4. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen. You may have a combined lotion, or you can simply mix the two together.

For night-time, also remember…

You wake up in a panic 45 minutes after your (last) alarm rang. You look at the clock with dread (yes, you’re late again). You jump out of bed, put on the first clothes you can find, brush your teeth and try to make yourself presentable, grab a granola bar from the kitchen, and run to your car.

Does that sound like a typical morning for you?

Sure, it would be nice to wake up early. That’s something that school teachers do, or high-tech CEOs. You’re just a regular student / accountant / engineer / artist. You don’t have the…

Resume, LinkedIn profile, Web links, Cover letter — how to conquer them all!

These are the 4 most critical components of your candidate profile. When a recruiter, hiring manager, or interviewer considers you as a candidate, they are going to pull up your resume and potentially one of your other profiles as well. This is what is going to be sitting on their screen while they talk to you. So it’s essential that your resume and other profiles are as perfect as possible!

The Resume

Your resume, aka the pièce de résistance of your entire job search. This is what your recruiter…

How many times have you gotten the question “Tell me more about your work experience at …” or “Describe an experience when you had to overcome a technical challenge”? Is your answer solid and bullet-proof every single time you have to respond? If not, I have a simple but powerful 5-step approach to describing experiences in the context of a software engineering interview.

The 5-Step Approach:

  1. Why did you do the project?
  2. Which tech stack did you use?
  3. What was your individual contribution? What unexpected technical challenge did you have to overcome?
  4. What did your project accomplish…

To first loves.

— —

A dove has replaced my
steady-beating heart with
a flutter, a flurrying,
a heightened sense of
falling, a plunging down
into secret caverns.

I imagine…

In the summer of 2017, I interned at the SAP Tools Team in Palo Alto, CA. My project there was to build a meeting feedback application on top of Microsoft Azure, using the concepts of event sourcing and CQRS. Here I detail the technical details of that project.

The Concept

Every day, SAP employees hustle in and out of many meetings. Doing a quick calculation — with 85,000 employees and each one spending 2 hours a day in meetings, we get 42,500,000 person-hours per year. …

Yitian Zou

Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Writer.

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